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Arts & Venues’ Cultural Advisory Board Seeks Candidates

May 18 - About A&V

The Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs seeks candidates that represent Denver’s diverse community.

Arts & Venues Opens Applications for $1M in Coronavirus Relief Funds to Assist Independent Artists and Venues in Denver

Oct 2 - About A&V

The City and County of Denver plans to infuse another $25.6M in federal Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) into the local economy, and as part of that initiative Denver Arts & Venues will open two new grants on Monday, Oct. 5, to provide financial assistance to Denver’s cultural sector.

Funding and Governance Executive Team, Working Groups Announced for The Next Stage

Apr 26 - About A&V

Denver Arts & Venues announced the executive team and four working groups of community, business and arts leaders appointed by Mayor Michael B. Hancock to advance work on The Next Stage, the recently revealed vision plan for the Denver Performing Arts Complex. The Funding and Governance group – FunGov –