Denver Arts & Venues (DAV) today announced the launch of the agency's "Good Times, For Good" brand campaign, as well as an updated website to spread the word about its unique business model in a fun and vibrant way that makes it easy to understand the agency’s core values. 

In addition to operating and maintaining world-famous event spaces like Red Rocks Amphitheatre and the Denver Performing Arts Complex, DAV is a “social-cultural enterprise,” using proceeds from events – not government funding – to operate and maintain its facilities, pay its staff, create accessible programming and events, and help build a beautiful, thriving and exciting city. 

Denver Arts & Venues is a relatively unique agency within the City - a special revenue fund.  As such, the money made at the venues pays for all agency operations and allows for all venue maintenance, venue upgrades, and the programs that have become mainstays in Denver's cultural life. So, when patrons and fans buy a ticket, a beverage or a t-shirt at the agency’s venues, the payback to the community has a lasting impact, not only supporting the venues they have grown to know and love, but providing additional support for artistic and cultural events, programs, organizations and individuals around the city. A good time at Red Rocks results in good for the local arts community in the form of free events like the Five Points Jazz Festival, neighborhood murals and grants for local artists. 

“DAV’s business model isn't new, but the emphasis on where the money comes from and where it goes is,” said Ginger White, Denver Arts & Venues executive director. “Good Times, For Good very simply lets partners, patrons, and Denver residents and visitors know that the money they spend at City-owned venues has a further-reaching impact than they may have realized. It’s a great source of pride for the DAV team—that the work we do day-to-day has a broad impact inside and outside of our venues—and we want to share that with the community.”

Over the past decade, DAV has strengthened its commitment to creating a lasting, positive impact on Denver communities through arts and culture. In recent years, DAV expanded its grant opportunities, pushing dollars even further to support the artists and arts organizations hit the hardest financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2014, DAV provided approximately $150,000 in funding through a handful of programs. In 2021, DAV distributed $1.8 million and in 2022, that number reached nearly $3 million. 

Record-breaking Red Rocks concert seasons and robust corporate partnerships over the past several years have allowed DAV to continue to build on this model. “Good Times, For Good” and everything that comes with it gives the agency’s leadership and employees a turnkey, visually engaging medium for communicating the agency’s impact to the public.

“The website visually showcases the amazing work our agency does in the community,” explained Brian Kitts, Denver Arts & Venues spokesperson. “It helps us tell our story, connecting the entertainment side of our business with the work we do to strengthen Denver’s arts and cultural landscape.”

“Today is a new day for DAV – our agency is forever changed with the launch of this public awareness campaign,” continued White. “We hope every guest walks away knowing their visit was meaningful and ripples across our community— that they are part of a mission to protect our iconic venues and to enrich Denver’s cultural and artistic experiences for all.”