Staff Directory

Ginger White Brunetti, Executive Director, 720-865-4314
Molly Wink, Deputy Director, 720-865-4202 
Nicole Medina, Executive Assistant to Ginger White Brunetti, 720-865-4306
Pamela Lintern, Office Manager, 720-865-4305
Mark Najarian, Director of Strategic Projects, 720-865-4236
Arts & Venues Administrative Offices, 720-865-4220, option #4

Marketing & Communications
Brian Kitts, Director of Marketing & Communications, 720-865-4229

Red Rocks & Denver Coliseum
Tad Bowman, Venue Director, 720-865-2488

Denver Performing Arts Complex
Mark Heiser, Venue Director, 720-865-4222
Jody Grossman, Assistant Venue Director, 720-865-4239
Todd Medley, Facilities Superintendent, 720-865-4558
Customer Service, 720-865-4220

Frank Delmonte, Director of Finance, 720-865-4233

Cultural Affairs & McNichols Building
Tariana Navas-Nieves, Director of Cultural Affairs, 720-865-5552
John Mosely, Assistant Venue Director, 720-865-5554
Patricia Abraham-Muhammad, Booking Coordinator, 720-865-5553

CORA Requests
Citywide CORA Policy
Please submit all CORA requests in regards to Denver Arts & Venues to Brian Kitts.