Waste and Recycling Depot at Red Rocks serves as the behind-the-scenes sorting station to maximize waste diversion efforts. 



With millions of visitors annually, we understand that we have a critical responsibility to operate sustainable venues with the potential impact of our waste on the environment. DAV implements multiple strategies to minimize our footprint. Our operations teams set annual goals to align with the City and County of Denver’s Sustainability Goals as well as the agency’s own SMARTER Sustainable Arts & Venues campaign. 

We will continue to make sustainability a priority in our venues and across our events and programs. We will look for more ways to reduce our overall footprint and encourage our staff, patrons and partners to make better choices.

We want our venues to be enjoyed for years to come. 

Here's how we work to reduce our impact and operate more sustainably.

Waste Diversion

Our venues all have a three-stream system (recycle / landfill / compost) integrated into both front and back-of house areas with signage to promote proper sorting, in an effort to increase waste diversion and divert trash away from landfills. Patrons and staff are permitted to bring empty, reusable water bottles for use at filling stations within the venues.

Energy and Water Conservation

We are committed to conserving water and energy consumption with lighting and equipment upgrades. All custodial work is completed with Green Seal Certified or equivalent products. Carbon emissions and energy usage are tracked at each venue to guide future goal-setting, policy changes and building updates.

Air Quality and Transportation

We encourage carpooling and public transportation in an effort to limit the number of vehicles visiting our venues. We also provide accommodations for electric vehicle parking at many of our venues.



Sustainable Procurement

We are committed to responsible purchasing through sustainable packaging, serviceware and cleaning products. Our food & beverage materials are 95% composable or recyclable, which helps to remove millions of pieces of plastic annually.

Patron Accountability

We display and use waste station signage, sustainability content and messaging on-site and across our digital platforms (website / email / social media) to promote a shared responsibility with our patrons.