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Denver Arts & Venues calls for local artists, businesses and community members to delight and surprise Denver residents, and create positive connections through art by committing to participate in World Art Drop Day Tuesday, Sept. 6.

World Art Drop Day occurs annually on the first Tuesday of September and was conceived by Utah’s Jake Parker with the goal of connecting people to one another, and generating random bonds between strangers through the act of creating and giving.

“Art Drop Day is one of my favorite events of the year. It's a day for the community to come together over our shared love of art and creativity. Anyone can participate - whether it's the process of creating and hiding your work or searching for hidden pieces and finding a new favorite artist in the process.,” said Brooke Dilling, Denver Arts & Venues manager of cultural programs. “Since Arts & Venues started promoting Art Drop Day in 2015, we have seen participation grow dramatically, with people not only dropping art on the first Tuesday of September and not only in Denver, but also throughout the year and all over the state, and the Facebook group has grown almost 4,200 members.”

Denver Arts & Venues will be celebrating the day by dropping more than 20 framed prints of pieces from the Denver Public Art collection all over Denver, hiding at least one photo in each city council district in locations like City Park, downtown Denver and Denver International Airport.

So, how do artists, businesses and individuals get involved? First, artists commit to participate by filling out the online form and creating a small, inexpensive piece or two to share on Art Drop Day. Businesses can support local artists by purchasing artwork or art supplies, or they can or host an art making party with their staff. Then, on Tuesday, Sept. 6, artists and other participants hide art around town. Next, they drop hints and clues on social media so people can find their creations, and finally the artists and participants watch and wait for someone to discover the hidden works. 

The public can participate in the fun and search for art by following #ArtDropDay and #ArtDropDenver on social media, or by joining the Art Drop Denver Facebook group.

There is no deadline for artists who wish to participate in Art Drop Denver. More information and FAQs can be found on ArtsandVenues.com/ArtDrop.