Project Toolkit

Here you'll find resources and links that will help you in developing your idea for a future project. 

We're here to help! The City process for grant applications can be difficult to nagivate. Our team will work with you every step of the way, from concept to execution. These projects are vital to our mission of creating more access to art in every corner of our city, to creating a sense of place, purpose and connection, and to honoring the diverse communities that call Denver home. 

If you haven't viewed the Project Guidelines, make sure to closely follow all the requirements included there when building your proposal. 

Project Guidelines

Where Do I Start?

Identify Project Ideas & Partners

  • Reach out to your district or neighborhood organizations, or engaged residents to identify an opportunity in the community
  • Contact your Council District office for ideas about organizations in your district and sites suitable for proposals
  • Review the list of Registered Neighborhood Organizations
  • Approach local businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to develop a collaborative, community-driven project

  • Encourage participation from long-time residents and neighbors
  • Consider community dynamics and local history in your area
  • Raise awareness by notifying other groups in your neighborhood about your project

Site Considerations

  • Why this space needs activation, participation and city and community engagement
  • Review the Interactive Map of Property Owners to determine the owner of a space. Remember, projects must be in a City-owned public space, defined as an area that is free and open to the public, such as an alley, park, plaza or street.

Budget Considerations

Show project income and expenses and identify in which areas the grant funding will be utilized.

Sample Budget: 


  • Grant Request Amount
  • Additional Funding Sources, if any (crowdfunding, sponsorships, in-kind donations, etc.)
  • Volunteer Hours (valued at $20/hour)


  • Managing/Planning
  • Supplies 
  • Art/Design Services 

Public Space Considerations:

  • Due to the sensitivity of some areas, proposals for certain sites may require additional review (right-of-way, parks, etc.)
  • Parking space/parklet projects may be challenging due to street cleaning occurring April through November
  • Street painting projects proposed for functional streets may require a thorough review process with the City and County of Denver (specific paint type, color type, street closures, etc.)
  • Projects in alleys will need to ensure adequate space for garbage and recycling pickup
  • Due to time required and difficulty in coordination, proposals involving utilities and rail lines are not recommended
  • For any project at an intersection, serious consideration must be given to not blocking sight lines nor obstructing clear visibility for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Any structures located in Denver parks may require full plan review to ensure proper site restoration with seed/sod and irrigation, and to ensure no impacts to tree roots
  • Applicants are responsible for any maintenance required during the project’s display 
  • Consider what happens at the end of the project. How will the project be de-installed? Will it be adopted by your group or some other organization? Who will maintain the project? 
  • Safety first; be sure your projects are designed well and are structurally sound for the duration of display


Neighborhoods & Maps

When selecting a site, consider why and how the space can be activated through participation and community engagement.

Other Helpful Documents

Visit our finance page to see what other documents will be useful for your application or project implementation.



For more information contact:

Lisa Gedgaudas, Program Manager, Cultural Affairs

Megan Deffner, Program Administrator, Denver Public Art Program

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