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Levitt Pavilion Band Start

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Launched in 2018, as part of the Denver Music Strategy, the Denver Music Advancement Fund supports initiatives that build a more equitable and connected city, and create positive social change through music-centered programs. 

In 2021, Denver Arts & Venues continues a partnership with Take Note Colorado to provide $75,000 towards these grants. Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative offering equitable access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in Colorado. Through this partnership, they support Denver programs that are inclusive, student-centered, culturally responsive and empower all students to participate in music. They are contributing $25,000 to the fund, matching their 2020 contribution.

The Denver Music Advancement Fund (DMAF) will provide $75,000 in grants up to $10,000 each to fund 2021-2022 Denver-based, music-centered projects driving economic vibrancy, building a more equitable and connected city, and creating positive social change. 

View the Denver Music Advancement Fund program guidelines.

Applications for our 2021-2022 funding cycle are now closed. We will be opening applications for 2022-2023 July 8-Aug. 5.

Program Funding

Since 2018, the Denver Music Advancement Fund has awarded 64 grants to benefit a diversity of communities including youth, older adults, Black, Indigenous, Latino/x/e, Asian American & Pacific Islander, People of Color or of the global majority, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and other under resourced groups. The grants have also supported different focus areas including mental health, education, cross-sector collaborations and social innovations. Funded programs have supported the seven vision elements of  Denver’s cultural plan including:

  • Integration - Increase creative activities and participation in daily life
  • Amplification – Celebrate our cultural history, emerging art forms and authentic partnerships in Denver and beyond
  • Accessibility – Achieve inclusivity of cultural offerings for all
  • Lifelong Learning – Increase exposure, appreciation and participation through lifelong education
  • Nurturing Local Talent – Cultivate and build Denver’s diverse creative professionals
  • Economic Vitality – Fuel creatives as an essential component of Denver’s thriving economy
  • Collective Leadership – Lead cultural development through shared commitment, resources and cross-sector partnerships


2018: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s, LivWell Enlightened Health
2019: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s
2020: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s, Take Note Colorado
2021: Arts & Venues, Take Note Colorado

Denver Music Advancement Fund Staff:

Lisa Gedgaudas, Program Manager, Cultural Affairs

Denver Music Advisory Panel & Review Committee

Amy Martinson, Music Instructional Curriculum Specialist, Denver Public Schools
Andrea Viarrial-Murphy, Director of Giving & Growing, Youth on Record
Elysha Zaide, musician, ill-esha; music producer; community educator
Hannah Wittmeyer, Music Programs Project Coordinator, Bohemian Foundation
Jamaal Curry, musician, Boss Eagle
Jonathan Kelley, filmmaker and music producer, T.H.I.N.C. INC.
Lyz Luke, Dir. of Philanthropy, Mish Initiative; Assoc. Dir, Living Jazz; Gov., Recording Academy SF Chapter; Board, Levitt Pavilion
Matthew Kowal, Founder and President, Majestic Collaboration; Emergency Preparedness Consultant, Performing Arts Readiness
Michael Seman, Assistant Professor, Arts Management at LEAP Institute for the Arts, Colorado State University
Nikki Swarn, Content/Program Director, The Drop, KUVO
Pete Turner, Founder and Owner, Illegal Pete’s
René Moffatt, Owner, Wolftung Creative; songwriter
Ru Johnson, Founder and Director, Roux Black Consulting; music promoter
Serafin Sanchez, Brand Manager, Ableton Inc.
Stephen Brackett, musician, FLOBOTS; Commissioner, Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs
Storm Gloor, Associate Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver
Thadeaous Mighell, Programs Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art; curator, Understudy
Walt DeHaven, Chairman Take Note Colorado /Chairman Swallow Hill Music