Step 1

Plan to participate in this year's event! Start creating your artwork, or get ready to look for art on Art Drop Day.

Step 2

For Artists: Fill out a quick form to tell us you'll be joining in on Art Drop Day! This helps us track the number of artists dropping pieces, support your work and allows us to connect interested media with participating creators.


Step 3

Share your participation! Join the community Facebook group, post clues for your hidden art on social media using #ArtDropDenver and #ArtDropDay, and encourage your network of artists and friends to drop and find art.


Step 4

Have fun on Art Drop Day!

Artists: Hide your art somewhere in the city, including the info sheet to tell the finder what they've discovered. Post a photo of the art or hiding spot on your social media channels or in the Art Drop Denver Facebook group with hints about the location, using #ArtDropDenver and #ArtDropDay.

Art Lovers: Follow #ArtDropDenver and #ArtDropDay on social media, and stay tuned to the Art Drop Denver Facebook group for clues to find art! Share a photo if you find a piece, and be sure to follow the artist so you can support them all year long.