Denver Arts & Venues, Mayor Issue Statements About Racism, Equity, Violence and Social Change

Jun 5 2020

All of us at Denver Arts & Venues, along with so many in our community, are struggling to make sense of our world. Our Black community hurts as we witness lethal violence against George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and too many others. Racism has no place in our community. We stand together with our Black and communities of color in rejecting racism in all its forms and committing to work intentionally to create lasting change.

In times like these, we look to artists, creatives and cultural workers to help us grieve and express the range of emotion that comes with addressing injustice. We count on artists to process our communities’ heartbreak, heal our collective wounds, voice the inequities we witness, and create a hopeful vision for a better world. We look to our artists to create spaces where healing can happen.

As we experience the collision of an epidemic of racism with a health pandemic, we stand in solidarity against racism, seeking ways to understand one another, and creating a kinder, more equitable Denver for all. Today and every day, Denver Arts & Venues is committed to living values of equity, inclusion, access and justice, and we believe arts and culture can be at the center of social change.

On May 29, 2020 Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock issued the following statement: "What we are seeing tonight is needless, senseless and destructive. Once again, the violent actions of a few are drowning out legitimate calls for justice. Twice today, we had peaceful, successful demonstration where people expressed their outrage over the death of George Floyd. We saw them, we heard them, and they respected their cause. Unfortunately, another element with selfish motives and reckless intentions infiltrated tonight’s demonstration and incited violence with homemade explosives, rocks, bottles, graffiti and vandalism. This is not who we are, and calmer heads must prevail. Our police officers have a sworn duty to maintain everyone’s safety – and they will. People are crying out to be heard, but this violent distraction only divides us."

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