Denver Arts & Venues is pleased to present four new summer exhibitions at McNichols Civic Center Building and a Buell Theatre lobby exhibit, with several exhibition-related events, including the fifth event in the Cultural Fashion Runway Series, which celebrates accessible fashion.

“We are excited to highlight a variety of artists and artist styles at our summer exhibitions,” said Ginger White, executive director of Denver Arts & Venues. “With ‘Eternal Return’ at McNichols Building and ‘Finding Grace’ at Buell Theatre, we see how artists explore the natural world through different viewpoints and media. ‘Vibrant Accessibility’ at McNichols Building showcases artwork created by and for the low-vision and blind community, and ‘Tales in Textiles’ celebrates the mid-modern aesthetic, particularly through fabric design.”

Summer McNichols Building Exhibitions:
Eternal Return (McNichols Building, First Floor), May 8-June 2. Trine Bumiller and Erika Osborne reveal the cyclical nature of wildfire through their artwork. 

Vibrant Accessibility (McNichols Building, Boettcher Cultural Pavilion, Second Floor), June 8-Aug. 27. “Vibrant Accessibility” features artists Chloé Duplessis, Melanie Walker and John Bramblitt. Each artist is blind or has limited vision, and creates accessible artwork, especially for low vision and blind audiences. 

Tales in Textiles: Mid-Century Style (McNichols Building, Third Floor), June 8-Aug. 27. This exhibition includes a wide variety of Mid-Century artists and textile designers. 

áyA Con Ofrenda (McNichols Building, First Floor Community Gallery), June 8-15. In honor of the many lives lost during the COVID-19 pandemic, áyA Con artist Marcos Garibay will create a special Ofrenda.

Exhibition Related Events:
"Eternal Return" Opening Reception - May 11, 4 p.m. Celebrate the opening of the exhibition.
"Eternal Return" Tour and Discussion - May 18, noon. Join artists Trine Bumiller and Erika Osborne for a tour and discussion on the exhibition. 
Open Casting Call - May 20, 1-4 p.m. Calling all bodies, abled/disabled, models of all ages, shapes and sizes to strut their stuff at the Runway Show on July 29.
”Vibrant Accessibility” Opening Tour, Reception and Discussion - June 16, 4-7 p.m. Join artists Chloé Duplessis and Melanie Walker for a tour and discussion of the exhibition followed by the opening reception.
áyA Con Opening Celebration - June 8, 4 p.m. The evening’s entertainment includes Aztec dancers in the McNichols Building courtyard. Guests are invited to visit the first floor Ofrendas, and add to the Community Ofrenda.
Denver Arts & Venues Cultural Runway Series: FashionAbility - July 29, 7 p.m. - A fashion show highlighting clothing designed with ability and disability in mind, and showcasing the designs of Lexie Bader, Rachael Levine and Rob Hill.
"Tales in Textiles" Closing Exhibit Tour, Curator Discussion and Fabric Sale - Aug. 26, 1 p.m. In the vein of sustainable fashion design, selvage and remnant fabrics highlighted in the exhibition will be available for purchase at the event which will also include a tour and discussion led by the curator.

“When we are inclusive, everybody wins,” explained Shanna Shelby, program administrator and chief curator of exhibitions for Denver Arts & Venues. “We have always been intentional in our runway shows and exhibitions, ensuring that artists from all walks of life are highlighted. But this summer’s “Vibrant Accessibility” exhibition and “FashionAbility” runway show expand on that goal, as we present artwork and fashion created by and for people who are often left out of the worlds of fine art and fashion.”

Additional events tied to “Vibrant Accessibility” will be announced. The McNichols Building exhibitions are free and open to the public daily from 8 a.m.-5 p.m.

In addition to the exhibitions and events at McNichols Building, Denver Arts & Venues presents the photographic artwork of Wendi Schneider in the Buell Theatre lobby. 

Finding Grace, Buell Theatre Lobby (Buell Theatre lobby), March 1-July 2. This important exhibition spans several decades of Wendi Schneider’s artistic portfolio, presenting the calm tranquility and subtle beauty of her gold and silver gilded photos. 

Exhibition Related Events:
Finding Grace Opening Reception - May 5, 5 p.m. Celebrate the opening of the exhibition.
Finding Grace Artist Talk and Tour - June 9, noon. Join artist Wendi Schneider for a tour and discussion of the exhibition.

Buell Theatre lobby exhibitions are accessible to theatre patrons during events. If you would like to schedule a tour of the exhibit, please contact Shanna Shelby at