Denver Arts & Venues Accepting Applications for EDI Mini Grant Program

May 4 2022

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The Denver Arts & Venues Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Mini Grant Program was created to follow a participatory grantmaking model and change the traditional philanthropic process by ceding funding decisions to the communities we support. The goal of these grants is to support individuals, organizations, or community-driven projects that elevate the communities represented by each of the Human Rights and Community Partnerships (HRCP) Commissions, and that exemplify the tenets of equity, diversity, inclusion and social justice. Grants may be funded up to $3,000.00

“Denver Arts & Venues cannot claim to be the voice of each and every Denver community. That’s why we believe in and follow a participatory and community-based grantmaking model,” said Tariana Navas-Nieves, Denver Arts & Venues director of cultural affairs. “Through this model, we entrust decision-making power to the very communities we aim to serve.”

“The benefits of this model include building trust and relationships, learning by listening more and talking less, smart investing, and leading through the integration of government, philanthropy, EDI, arts and culture,” she continued.

Grant Guidelines
· Projects must take place within the City and County of Denver
· Projects must have an arts, culture or creative component
· Projects with a focus on social justice efforts will receive high consideration · Funding must be distributed within the calendar year
· Awardees must submit an EDI Mini Grant Activity Form upon the completion of the project or program.

Applications are open through May 27.

Learn more about Arts & Venues’ Equity, Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, including the EDI Mini Grants Program, at

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