Dancers perform Edgar L. Page's "Intersection of Truth & Beauty" on one of DAV's flex stages for community programming - Jonathan Phillips Photography



A New Cultural Hub

Denver Arts & Venues plans to create a new cultural hub for southwest Denver as part of the Loretto Heights Area Plan led by Westside Investment Partners, to redevelop the 72-acre historic campus. DAV's focus is on a parcel of the new mixed-use development dedicated to arts and cultural programming that includes the historic theatre and former library. This project will broaden access to the arts across Denver, attract and welcome diverse audiences, and support small arts organizations needing performance and rehearsal space.

With help from Councilman Kevin Flynn (District 2),  Denver voters approved $30M in RISE Bond funding in 2021 to support the first phase of the project which includes renovation of the theatre building, outdoor/site improvements and new parking construction. 

Project Overview


City and County of Denver Agencies - Denver Arts & Venues, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

Design  - Pfeiffer Partners, Theatre Projects, Threshold Acoustics and Dig Studios

Fundraising -  Denver Civic Arts Foundation Board, Loretto Heights Capital Campaign Committee 


  1. Advancing Cultural Equity & Access. Returning the theatre to public use and building out the surrounding footprint allows us to intentionally expand to an area that has been underserved by the arts. The spaces and programming will be designed to reflect the character and culture of the neighborhood, and the needs of artists and arts organizations.
  2. Demonstrating that Thriving Communities Include Arts & Culture. Renovating the theatre and surrounding area will attract the creative community and neighborhood residents, enhancing the vibrancy of the new campus with space for performances, rehearsals, exhibitions, classes, etc.
  3. Preserving Part of Denver’s History. The mid-century modern building, known as the May Bonfils Stanton Theatre, is a treasured performance space that originally opened in 1963. It was the second largest and most professionally equipped theatre, making Loretto Heights a top undergraduate theatre program nationally. By restoring the theatre, we are preserving an important part of Denver’s history for future generations to enjoy.


PHASE I (2022-2026)

Theatre, Initial Parking Construction

  • Improve accessibility and ADA Standards compliance - Replace all audience seating, increase row spacing, install passenger elevators and wheelchair ramps
  • Upgrade technology - Improve lighting and AV systems, update stage rigging system, replace orchestra pit hydraulics
  • Ensure building code compliance - Increase public restroom facilities, remove hazardous materials, replace mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems
  • Enhance outdoor amenities -  Build access to loading dock, create performance/event space, initial parking accommodations


Library, Additional Parking & Enhancements to Phase 1

  • Elements that are not under the approved RISE Bond theatre renovation are being evaluated now to create a cohesive destination for the full building envelope
  • Full Design and construction for these elements is on hold pending future funding sources

Campus Vision

Here's what the new Loretto Heights campus could look like based on this fly-through rendering created by Westside Development Partners. The visuals are for illustrative purposes only.

Project Updates

Continue to Follow Along

Check back here for updates on the design process and visit Pfeiffer's project page to learn more and contact the team.