Su Teatro Presenta: Fire in the Streets & War of the Flowers

Denver Arts & Venues

03/14/2019 - 03/31/2019 7:30 PM

Chicano Power 1969: The Birth of a Movement
Fire in the Streets & War of the Flowers
March 14-31, 2019

Created and produced by Anthony J. Garcia and Daniel Valdez

WORLD PREMIERE Double-Billing!

Fire in the Streets: 9th Avenue from Elati to Galapago was covered in smoke so thick you couldn’t see in front of you. On March 19,1969, the students at West High School walked out to protest racism and marginalization in the schools. They were met with tear gas, arrests and police batons in an event remembered as “The West High Blowouts.”

War of the Flowers: On February 15, 1969, Lupe Briseño and four striking women chained themselves to the gates of the Kitayama Carnation plant in a non-violent protest. Immediately, Weld County sheriffs arrived. Deputy D.B. Ruiz, flanked by two deputies, turned on a tear gas machine and sprayed a snow-white layer of gas over the women who instantly fell to the ground; coughing and weeping. 50 years later, the War of the Flowers: “Lupe’s story” will be told.

These plays were funded in part by an IMAGINE 2020 Grant.

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