Denver Public Art Commission Pre-Application Meeting

Denver Arts & Venues

10/27/2022 5:30 PM

The Denver Public Art Team will be hosting a pre-application meeting on Thursday, Oct. 27, 5:30-6:30 p.m. The meeting will cover project backgrounds, goals, and the application process for four recently advertised Requests for Qualifications: Fairfax Park, Sloan's Lake Park South Playground, City Park - Nature Play and Ruby Hill Park. Attendees will also get information on (CafE) through which we are accepting applications.

This meeting will be hosted on Zoom. Please register for instructions on how to join.

Please attend to learn more about the application process, ask questions, and determine if you’d like to apply for any or all three projects.

Fairfax Park: Budget - $35,000, Open to Colorado Artists and Artist Teams

The Denver Public Art selection panel is very invested in not only honoring the history of Park Hill and Fairfax Street, but also celebrating the present and future of the neighborhood. Given the park’s size and activity level, the panel is interested in a subtle and contemplative artwork that appeals to the park’s most frequent users, young people and their caregivers. The panel sees an opportunity to tell the story of Park Hill through a visual representation/timeline. The panel is also interested in an artwork that could unify the community and provide opportunities for members or nearby schools to be included in its creation. The selection panel is particularly interested in emerging artists and/or artists that have yet to receive a public art commission. The panel has identified the concrete seat wall at the back of the park as the preferred location for public art.

Full RFQ:

Sloan's Lake Park: Budget - $28,000, Open to Colorado Artists and Artist Teams

The Denver Public Art selection panel is very very interested in work that addresses the park's family-friendly culture and reflects the neighborhood's rich history. The panel hopes to see artwork that is culturally relevant and speaks to critical conversations of the moment with respect to equity, access and inclusion. The artwork(s) could have an interactive component that engages audiences both day and night. The selection panel encourages artists and artist teams to consider the location, as well as elements that complement the artwork with sound or touch, and further consider accessibility opportunities for visitors and residents who are blind or low vision. The panel also encourages applications from artists who exemplify the collaborative spirit of the public art process, particularly applicants open to working with community stakeholders, the selection panel and city staff.

Full RFQ:

Ruby Hill Park: Budget - $66,000, Open to Colorado Artists and Artist Teams

The Denver Public Art Selection panel is very invested in cultural diversity and local history, and aspires to create gathering spaces that are inclusive, accessible and welcoming to all. The panel hopes to see artwork that acknowledges the land and reflects the rich cultures of the area. The artwork(s) should be welcoming, interactive and culturally responsible, as well as celebrating coming together in green spaces. The works could also be playful, encourage full-body participation and employ multiple senses such as vision, hearing and touch. Artists applying should have a strong background in community engagement.

Full RFQ:

City Park - Nature Play: Budget - $70,000, Open to Colorado Artists and Artist Teams

The Denver Public Art selection panel seeks artwork that complements and works within the landscape design of the Nature Play project by celebrating and embracing the powerful connections between wildlife, plant life and humans. Artwork should encourage discovery and wonder, offering brief and delightful moments so that visitors may understand the earth as a gift, and treat it with respect and reciprocity, inspiring amazement at the richness of the natural world. Artwork should also invite visitors to move through and partake in a self-directed journey, and could tell stories of passages between space and time, or speak to a more celestial and spiritual quality. Artwork should be inclusive and accessible, and enjoyed in multiple ways by engaging senses like touch, sound, smell and sight to captivate people of all ages and abilities.


Artists who have never received a public art commission, or have never applied for one, are highly encouraged to attend.

This event will be hosted on Zoom. Please register to get information on how to join prior to the event.

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