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Denver Arts & Venues is seeking one or more individuals to fill contracted positions supporting social media for the agency.

A&V manages approximately 20 social media accounts on platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Social Media support will include:

  • researching related events and programs,
  • creating integrated posts across all platforms,
  • linking messaging to A&V websites,
  • responding to inquiries,
  • analyzing social media efficacy,
  • creating, tracking and analyzing sponsor messaging,
  • placing integrated social media advertising campaigns and
  • creating reports to analyze trends, successes, reach and/or other metrics for the various social media accounts or campaigns.

Contractor Requirements: The awarded contractor must have a high level of attention to detail, a strong grasp of the English language, a sense of storytelling and comfort with social media platforms, as well as the ability to write in the correct ‘voice’ of each A&V account. The awarded contractor will also be expected to have excellent writing, proofreading, grammar and spelling skills.

The awarded contractor must be familiar with industry best practices for social media in a business capacity, and have proven ability to integrate those concepts into social media campaigns. In addition, the awarded contractor will be asked to create and post social media content while onsite at various events. This may include capturing photos or video using supplied equipment and posting live content. The awarded contractor must be willing and available to work on evenings and weekends, sometimes with short notice.

Additional requirements include:

  • Excellent customer service. 
  • Understanding and comfort with social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.
  • Comfort with Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel and office equipment.
  • Comfort with camera operation, and basic photo and video editing skills using Adobe Premier, iMovie or on-device editing.
  • Ability to handle multiple projects.
  • A mobile phone with social media apps.
  • A personal Facebook account or ability to create a Facebook account in order to administrate our Facebook pages.
  • Comfort with Facebook Business Manager and Ad Accounts, including the ability to create integrated campaigns, place ads, target groups, complete A/B testing.
  • Comfort with short deadlines.
  • Understanding of social media and website analytics, including Google Analytics. 
  • Understanding of basic marketing and public relations strategies.
  • Experience creating content calendars and planned social media campaigns that last extended periods of time.

Helpful (but not required):

  • Familiarity with Hootsuite. 
  • Familiarity with Airtable. 
  • Experience as a community manager for arts and entertainment brands, facilities and/or individuals.
  • A mobile phone with a quality camera (e.g.: iPhone X, Pixel 2 or later). A strong interest in pop culture, arts and cultural events.

Inclusions and Exclusions

  • The City shall retain all rights to all materials posted.
  • No reposting or reprinting without permission from the City Attorney’s Office.
  • No allowance for travel, incidentals, parking, etc.


  • Submit detailed resume and describe Proposer’s experience for the requirements listed above.
  • Provide at least three (3) case study samples of work for relevant projects, including name of project, social media services provided, scope of work and results achieved. 
  • Provide at least three (3) references for similar projects, including name of partner, dates of service, contact name and contact information (email/phone) for reference checks.
  • List any other services the Proposer is capable of performing.

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Registration with BidNet® is available at NO CHARGE and allows proposers access to view governmental bids posted on BidNet®; they offer an additional notification service option with an associated fee. It is the responsibility of the proposer/contractor to evaluate and select the service option of their choice.

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Proposers who feel they are unable to prepare and submit an electronic submittal should submit a request in writing to the [email protected], no later than Jan. 6, 5 p.m., for permission and instructions for submitting a hardcopy proposal.