SOBRE EL FONDO IMAGINE 2020 - en español
Denver Arts & Venues and the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs invite city agencies, cultural institutions, businesses, entrepreneurs, civic leaders, neighborhood and community-based organizations and individuals to make this collective vision a reality with financial and promotional support through the IMAGINE 2020 Fund. The fund will provide up to $7,500 in funding support for new, creative and innovative programs inspired by one or more of the seven vision elements outlined in IMAGINE 2020 that further develops Denver’s creative landscape including:

1.    Integration – Arts, culture and creativity are fully integrated into daily life, work and play in Denver 
2.    Amplification – Arts, culture and creativity are amplified in Denver 
3.    Accessibility – Arts, culture and creativity are truly inclusive and accessible for all
4.    Lifelong Learning – Exposure, education and participation in arts, culture and creativity span our lifetimes
5.    Local Talent – Denver’s diverse artistic and creative professionals are locally cultivated
6.    Economic Vitality – Denver’s economic vitality is accelerated by arts, culture and creativity
7.    Collective Leadership – Collective and collaborative leadership is committed to high impact results in Denver

Call for proposals: stay tuned for information on the next grant cycle
Award Notification: TBD

Please be sure to review the Fund Guidelines and IMAGINE 2020 Cultural Plan.


Thank you to all those who participated in making the IMAGINE 2020 project come to life, and thank you to the many more who will participate in implementing the plan and continuing to make our city great. Whether it’s for support for arts education in Denver Public Schools, increasing access to cultural events directly in your neighborhood or creatively energizing our public life, this plan is brimming with positive ideas and goals that will elevate Denver’s standing as an international cultural destination. – Mayor Michael B. Hancock

The process of developing this plan took the whole community, and the process of implementing it throughout the coming years will take a community wide effort as well. Please, read on to learn more about our collective vision of the future of arts, culture and creativity in Denver and how you can help bring this plan to life. – Denver Arts & Venues


For additional questions and information, please reach Lisa Gedgaudas, Denver Arts & Venues.
[email protected], 720-865-5560