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Levitt Pavilion Band Start

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Launched in 2018, as part of the Denver Music Strategy, the Denver Music Advancement Fund supports initiatives that build a more equitable and connected city, and create positive social change through music-centered programs. 

In 2021, Denver Arts & Venues continues a partnership with Take Note Colorado to provide $75,000 towards these grants. Take Note Colorado is a statewide initiative offering equitable access to musical instruments and instruction to every K‑12 student in Colorado. Through this partnership, they support Denver programs that are inclusive, student-centered, culturally responsive and empower all students to participate in music. They are contributing $25,000 to the fund, matching their 2020 contribution.

The Denver Music Advancement Fund (DMAF) will provide $75,000 in grants up to $10,000 each to fund 2021-2022 Denver-based, music-centered projects driving economic vibrancy, building a more equitable and connected city, and creating positive social change. Denver Arts & Venues is accepting grant proposals Oct. 15 through Nov. 12. 

Please use this downloadable document to help you prepare your online application. 
Este documento es solamente para uso del interesado para ayudarlo a prepararse antes de enviar su solicitud en línea - en español.

View the Denver Music Advancement Fund program guidelines.

Program Funding

Since 2018, the Denver Music Advancement Fund has awarded 64 grants to benefit a diversity of communities including youth, older adults, Black, Indigenous, Latino/x/e, Asian American & Pacific Islander, People of Color or of the global majority, LGBTQIA+, people with disabilities and other under resourced groups. The grants have also supported different focus areas including mental health, education, cross-sector collaborations and social innovations. Funded programs have supported the seven vision elements of  Denver’s cultural plan including:

  • Integration - Increase creative activities and participation in daily life
  • Amplification – Celebrate our cultural history, emerging art forms and authentic partnerships in Denver and beyond
  • Accessibility – Achieve inclusivity of cultural offerings for all
  • Lifelong Learning – Increase exposure, appreciation and participation through lifelong education
  • Nurturing Local Talent – Cultivate and build Denver’s diverse creative professionals
  • Economic Vitality – Fuel creatives as an essential component of Denver’s thriving economy
  • Collective Leadership – Lead cultural development through shared commitment, resources and cross-sector partnerships


2018: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s, LivWell Enlightened Health
2019: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s
2020: Arts & Venues, Illegal Pete’s, Take Note Colorado
2021: Arts & Venues, Take Note Colorado

Denver Music Advancement Fund Staff:

Lisa Gedgaudas, Program Manager, Cultural Affairs

Denver Music Advisory Panel & Review Committee

Amy Martinson, Music Instructional Curriculum Specialist, Denver Public Schools
Andrea Viarrial-Murphy, Director of Visibility and Operations, Youth on Record
Elysha Zaide, musician, ill-esha; music producer; community educator
Hannah Wittmeyer, Music Programs Project Coordinator, Bohemian Foundation
Jamaal Curry, musician, Boss Eagle
Jonathan Kelley, filmmaker and music producer, T.H.I.N.C. INC.
Matthew Kowal, Founder and President, Majestic Collaboration; Emergency Preparedness Consultant, Performing Arts Readiness
Michael Seman, Assistant Professor, Arts Management at LEAP Institute for the Arts, Colorado State University
Nikki Swarn, Content/Program Director, The Drop, KUVO
Pete Turner, Founder and Owner, Illegal Pete’s
René Moffatt, Owner, Wolftung Creative; songwriter
Ru Johnson, Founder and Director, Roux Black Consulting; music promoter
Serafin Sanchez, Brand Manager, Ableton Inc.
Stephen Brackett, musician, FLOBOTS; Commissioner, Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs
Storm Gloor, Associate Professor, Music and Entertainment Industry Studies, University of Colorado Denver
Thadeaous Mighell, Programs Manager, Museum of Contemporary Art; curator, Understudy
Walt DeHaven, Chairman Take Note Colorado /Chairman Swallow Hill Music