Art Shop Day – call for participation

2020 has been a difficult year for artists. As events are canceled, galleries are closed or facing limited hours of operation, and businesses across the gamut are facing economic stress, we want to give Denver’s artistic community a chance to showcase their talents in the hopes that we can drive additional business to you.

We want to thank you for being an integral part of Denver’s economy. As a special thank you to all past and present Art Drop Day Denver participants, we would like to invite you to share your information as part of Art Shop Day.

Participation is simple: submit your information, including evidence of how you have participated in Art Drop Day, through our online form. We will add your business to our website, and each Thursday through December, we will randomly select 3-5 artists to highlight through our social media channels and in our weekly newsletter which reaches more than 40,000 people.

I haven’t participated in Art Drop Day. Can I still be featured as part of Art Shop Day?

No – but there’s still time to participate this year. Art Drop Day is the first Tuesday of September.

I participated in Art Drop Day in the past, but I can’t this year. Can I still be featured as part of Art Shop Day?

Yes – any past Art Drop Day participant may be featured.

I missed Art Drop Day on Sept. 1, 2020. How can I still get involved?

While most people share free art on the first Tuesday of September, Art Drop Day has gained so much momentum here in Denver that people participate year-round. Pick a day that works for your and hide your art for someone to find it.

I am an artist, and I have participated in Art Drop Day, but not in Denver. Can I still be featured?

Yes – we know that Denver’s Art Drop Day community has reached people across the metro-area and even beyond Colorado’s front range. We encourage anyone who has brought Art Drop Day to their Colorado community to participate. (At this time, we are limiting Art Shop Day participants to artists in Denver or Colorado.)

I am not an artist myself, but I have purchased art from someone and hid it on Art Drop Day. Can I submit that person’s information?

No – thank you for participating, but we want to make sure that the businesses featured on our site have agreed to be featured. However, please feel free to encourage them to sign up!

I am not a visual artist. Can I still participate?

Yes – we encourage musicians and other performing artists to participate. For Art Drop Day, You can “drop” tickets, albums, links to download music, etc., and then participate in Art Shop Day by sharing your online store for tickets, classes, private lessons, performances, albums, merchandise and more.

Other questions? Please complete the form here Select Marketing under the Department dropdown.

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