Art District Summit



Thanks to all members of local arts and cultural organizations, elected officials, government leaders, developers and patrons of the arts for joining us at the 2013 Art District Summit  to support district development, creative placemaking and Denver’s cultural positioning.

A very special thanks to our speakers including:
•    Jason Schupbach, National Endowment for the Arts & OurTown grant
•    Theresa Cameron, Americans for the Arts
•    Mukul Malhotra, Director of Urban Design, MIG
•    Beth Flowers, Beet Street & Arts Incubator of the Rockies (AIR)
•    Lisa Gedgaudas, Create Denver – Denver Arts & Venues
•    Jamie Licko & Maryo Gard Ewell, Colorado Creative Industries, Creative Districts

Presentations of the Summit are now available:

2013 Art District Summit: Keynote Jason Schupbach, NEA

Click to watch the keynote address by Jason Schupbach, Design Director for the National Endowment for the Arts: "Building the Creative Economy Through Placemaking" - Learn about research and trends from the NEA, the impact Creative Placemaking and programs like the Our Town grant are having in communities and nationwide, and what we can do to make an impact throughout Colorado and in Denver.

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2013 Art District Summit: Theresa Cameron, Americans for the Arts

Click to watch presentation by Theresa Cameron, Americans for the Arts, Measuring the impact and paving the way for Art District development.

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2013 Art District Summit: Mukul Malhotra, MIG

Click to watch presentation by Mukul Malhotra, Director of Urban Design, MIG, Urban Planning & Creative Placemaking.

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2013 Art District Summit: Maryo Gard Ewell and Jamie Licko, Colorado Creative Industries (CCI)

Click to watch presentation by Maryo Gard Ewell and Jamie Licko - The State of Colorado Creative Districts, and What's Ahead for 2013.

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"In creative placemaking, partners from public, private, nonprofit, and community sectors strategically shape the physical and social character of a neighborhood, town, tribe, city, or region around arts and cultural activities.  Creative placemaking animates public and private spaces, rejuvenates structures and streetscapes, improves local business viability and public safety, and brings diverse people together to celebrate, inspire, and be inspired." - Markusen & Gadwa (2010) Creative Placemaking.

This event was hosted in partnership with Centro Inc., Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, Colorado Creative Industries and the NEA.

For more information about this event, please reach Program Administrator for Create Denver, Lisa Gedgaudas: [email protected]

Create Denver, an initiative of Denver Arts & Venues, strengthens the overall health and vitality of Denver by supporting the growth and development of the creative sector, including artists and enterprises such as film, music, fine art, galleries, art districts, fashion and design.