P.S. You Are Here

In April 2014 and inspired by Denver’s new cultural plan, IMAGINE 2020, Mayor Michael B. Hancock and Denver Arts & Venues launched P.S. You Are Here (PSYAH), a citywide creative placemaking and neighborhood revitalization program that cultivates collaborative, community-led outdoor projects in Denver’s public spaces. PSYAH funds help support creative, short-term physical improvement projects that aim to transform our underutilized urban spaces to increase collaboration, honor heritage, build civic engagement, beautify neighborhoods, enrich communities and inspire long-term change.

In 2020-2021, PSYAH will fund up to $10,000 in funding per project. Grants must be matched 1:1 by applicants through cash or in-kind contributions (goods or services) or volunteer time.

2020-2021 Timeline
Call for proposals: stay tuned for information on the next grant cycle
Award Notification: TBD



To be eligible, primary applicants must be place-based entities such as:

  • Registered Neighborhood Association (RNO) or neighborhood-based group
  • Business Improvement District, Maintenance District, Business Association or Chamber of Commerce, etc.
  • Art or creative district
  • Business or placed-based organizations (non- and for-profit)
  • An individual working with one or more of the above

The following INELIGIBLE APPLICANTS may participate through endorsement or partnership with the above eligible applicants, but may not apply directly:

  • Religious organizations, government agencies, political groups, district councils, hospitals, newspapers and schools
  • Non place-based organizations, businesses, ad-hoc groups and individuals


  • Projects must be located in an outdoor, public space within the City and County of Denver and be consistent with city policies and adopted neighborhood plans
  • Projects must be on display for a minimum of 3 months up to 1 year
  • Projects must be highly visible, free and open to all members of the public
  • Projects must be short- or long-term physical improvements to the space


  • Enrich the lives for Denver residents and visitors by integrating the arts, culture and creativity into daily life and neighborhoods that is accessible for all
  • Foster community collaboration; Encourage partnership among artists, performers, businesses, organizations, and agencies, non- and for-profit
  • Accelerate economic vitality, inspire neighborhood revitalization, and promote our vibrant communities as a destination to live, work, and play
  • Inspire creative and innovative thinking and showcase locally cultivated talent
  • Demonstrate cultural diversity, social equity, inclusiveness and accessibility for all through the engagement of arts, culture and creativity (in neighborhoods)
  • Nurture and honor community identity and heritage, preserve and commemorate local and multicultural traditions, histories and diversity
  • Create a sense of place and purpose
  • Animate and rejuvenate public spaces
  • Increase public safety and awareness
  • Capitalize on community assets and identity
  • Create public spaces that promote health, happiness and well-being


For additional questions and information, please reach Brendan Picker, Denver Arts & Venues
[email protected]