Map of Urban Art Projects

Colfax Electrical Boxes.jpg

Various Local Artists

From Colfax State Capitol (200 E Colfax Ave) to East High School (1500 City Park Esplanade)

Various electical boxes along Colfax Avenue.

39.7394775 N

104.984594 W

Mario Echavarria Mural.jpg

Mario Echavarria

15555 E. 53rd Ave.

39.791815 N
104.80509 W

Prodigy Coffee.jpg

Bimmer Torres, Swansea Rec Center youth, Goodwill and Youth on Record

Prodigy Coffee - 3801 E. 40th Ave

39.7731530 N
104.9421270 W


Bob Luna & La Alma Recreation Center Summer Program students

1325 W. 11th Ave.

39.44040 N
105.00155 W


Anthony Garcia and Birdseed Collective

46th Avenue & Lincoln Street

39.779424 N
104.985757 W


Center for Transitional Landscapes Tree & Graffiti initiative

24th Avenue & Welton Street

39.7520096 N
104.981676 W


Art Street youth

La Alma Recreation Center - 11th Avenue & Mariposa St.

(Temporary project)

39.7337896 N
105.004283 W


Tracy 168 and Ratha Sok/2Kool

900 Auraria Pkwy.

(Graffiti lecture & live painting completed in 2011)

39.7453535 N


Nikki Pike and Barter Collective

Denver Skate Park - 2205 19th St.

(program was a temporary project) 

39.45354 N
105.00089 W


BuCu West and neighborhood youth

4200 Morrison Rd.

39.70409 N
105.0429 W


YNIG and Denver Public Library, Valdez-Perry Branch Youth

4690 Vine St.



Barth Quenzer, Jolt and Brown Elementary students

2550 Lowell Blvd.

39.45137 N
105.02028 W


YNIG and St. Charles Recreation Center youth

3777 Lafayette St.

39.76938 N
104.97147 W


YNIG & Denver Public Library, Athmar Park Branch youth

1055 S. Tejon St.

39.6971 N
105.01358 W


Cleo Parker Robinson students

119 Park Ave. West 

39.44523 N
104.5842.7 W


Ratha Sok and Youth Biz youth

3280 Downing St. 

39.45464 N
104.58226 W


F.R.E.S.H and Denver Parks & Recreation Center youth

1849 Emerson St.

(Indoor artwork) 

39.44449 N
104.58352 W


Arts Street students

1079 Osage St.

(Seasonal display)

39.43599 N
105.00196 W


Jolt and Valdez Elementary students

2525 W. 29th Ave.

39.45326 N
105.01070 W


YNIG and St. Charles Recreation Center youth

3777 Lafayette St.

39.46099 N
104.58170 W


Josiah Lopez

CHAC Gallery - 7th & Santa Fe Dr.

39.43428 N
104.59540 W


Anthony Garica/Birdseed Collective

47th Avenue & Lincoln Street

39.46459 N
104.59084 W



3701 Williams St.

39.46058 N
104.57577 W


JOLT and PlatteForum students

46th Avenue & Lincoln Street

(Globeville Mural)

39.46485 N
104.59082 W


North City Park Civic Assn. and Randy McAnulty

Columbine Elementary School - 2540 E. 29th Ave.

39.75823 N
104.95684 W


Natalia Mauritz and Ratha Sok

Columbian Elementary School - 2925 W. 40th Ave.

39.46210 N
105.01270 W


Jesus Rodriguez

Kipp Denver Collegiate High School - 451 S. Tejon St.

(Tennis Courts)

39.42333 N
105.00463 W


Ratha Sok

3600 Morrison Road

39.42336 N
105.02061 W


Joshua Rogers

8th Avenue. & Santa Fe Drive 

39.7287 N
104.99725 W


Jonathan Lamb and Michael Ortiz

28th Avenue & Larimer Street

39.45381 N
104.59008 W



4501 W. 38th Ave.

39.41038 N
105.00109 W


Jay Jaramillo

Ruby Hill Park-  Jewel Avenue & Platte River Drive

39.41038 N
105.00109 W


Bunny M and Square

2217 Champa St. 

39.45091 N
104.59114 W


Brenda Cleary and community youth

2217 Champa St. 

39.45091 N
104.59114 W


Colorado Crush and Robin Munro

26th & 29th Avenue between Larimer and Walnut streets

39.75894 N
104.98572 W


Carlos Fresquez and Jeremy Langston

3738 Morrison Rd.

39.70768 N
105.03677 W


Patrick McGregor

Brushstrokes Gallery - 1487 S. Broadway

39.6896 N
104.98779 W


Anthony Garcia and Street Kidz Youth Center

Globeville neighborhood

(seasonal display)  

39.77814 N
104.98334 W


Bimmer Torres

Swansea Recreation Center - 2650 E 49th Ave.

39.78614 N
104.95531 W


Bimmer Torres

Intercity Parish - 1212 Mariposa St.

39.6714 N
105.02323 W


Colorado Crush and Robin Munro

26th & 29th Avenues between Larimer and Walnut streets

(3 block alley way murals) 

39.45322 N
104.59086 W


Redline Gallery and Sandra Fettingis

2350 Arapahoe St.

(East facing wall)

39.45170 N
104.59099 W


Conor Hollis and Amorette Hollis-Lana

1474 S. Acoma St.

39.69001 N
104.98839 W


Javier Flores, Josiah Lopez and VSA Colorado/ Access Gallery students

9th Avenue & Santa Fe Drive 

39.43501 N
104.59555 W


Alexandria Jimenez

1523 E. Bruce Randolph Ave.

39.45526 N
104.58076 W


Westwood Unidos, Sisters of Color, BuCu West, Servicios de la Raza, GRASP and Tony Diego

3939 Morrison Rd.

39.42240 N
105.02227 W


Ratha Sok

3181 W. Alameda Ave.

39.42410 N
105.01414 W


Edge Gallery and Bobbi McGee

3658 Navajo St. 

39.46048 N
105.00143 W


Onesto and Ethos

Cherry Creek Trail at Broadway 

39.43307 N
104.59060 W


Shaun Parkins

2239 Bruce Randolph St. 

39.764696 N
104.960383 W


Bimmer Torres

Bella Calla Flower Shop - 3100 Downing St. 

39.45391 N
104.58230 W


Gerald Hamel and Impact Empowerment Group

Hiawatha Davis Recreation Center - 3334 Holly Street 

39.763944 N
104.921877 W


Eric Dallimore

1112 E 17th Ave.

(East side of building facing Park Avenue)

39.742979 N
104.972770 W


Overland Park Neighborhood Assn.,Michele Brown and Students

Evans Bridge

(between Broadway & Santa Fe Drive)

39.678484 N
104.994633 W


Amanda Marie, Molly Bounds, Gamma Acosta, Caleb Hahne, Pedro Barrios, Victoriano Rivera and Jaime Molina

Meininger Store - 499 Broadway

39.4326.6 N
104.5917.0 W


Josiah Lopez – Lead Artist, Saneigo Sanchez

6th Avenue & Raritan Way

(Under the viaduct)

39.7253319 N
105.009230 W


Arlette Lucero and Colorado Folk Arts

La Alma Recreation Center Pool -1325 W. 11th Ave.


39.734112 N
105.004362 W


Josiah Lopez and VSA Colorado/ Access Gallery students

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery - 900 Santa Fe

39.730703 N
104.998562 W


Anthony Garcia

4309 Washington St. 

39.775924 N
104.978892 W


Anthony Bradley

Open Media - 700 Kalamath Street

(In the Alleyway) 

39.727579 N
104.999500 W


Gemma Danielle

Cherry Creek Bike Path at Blake Street

39.748129 N
105.001071 W


Jason Garcia

Cherry Creek Bike Path at Stout Street 

39.741614 N
104.999214 W


Joseph Martinez

Cherry Creek Bike Path at Champa Street

39.742390 N
104.999832 W  


Taketo Kobayashi, SENCE and MON

Cherry Creek Trail at Little Raven Street 

39.45121 N
105.00273 W


Jaime Molina

Cherry Creek Bike Trail

(adjacent to Confluence Park)

39.45154 N
105.0028.7 W


Claudio Ethos (Ethos) and Alex Hornest (Onesto)

Cherry Creek Bike Trail

(adjacent to Confluence Park)

39.7534 N
105.0078 W


Jaime Molina, Pedro Barrios and Joseph Martinez

Cherry Creek Bike Trail

(adjacent to Confluence Park)

 39.7542 N
105.0081 W


Alexandria Jimenez and Cole neighborhood youth

1519 Bruce Randolph Ave.

39.7647 N
104.9687 W


Anthony Garcia, Birdseed Collective, Hari Panicker and Deepti Panicker

46th Avenue & Lincoln Street

39.7793 N
104.9860 W


Barth Quenzer, Bimmer Torres and Brown Elementary students

Brown Elementary School - 2550 Lowell Blvd.

39.7543 N
105.0342 W


Christine Heller

4801 Morrison Rd.

39.7002 N


Arlette Lucero and La Alma Jaguar Club youth

La Alma Neighborhood Pool and Recreation Center - 1325 W 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80204

39.7337 N
105.0043 W


Bruno Novelli (represented by David B. Smith Gallery)

Cherry Creek Bike Trail

(under bridge at Little Raven St. and Speer Boulevard)

39.7532 N
105.0076 W


Randy McAnulty, Impact Empowerment Group and neighborhood youth

Hiawatha Davis Jr. Recreation Center - 3334 Holly St.

39.7644 N
104.9222 W


Girls Inc. Metro Denver and youth

1499 Julian St. 

39.7401 N
105.0314 W


Escuela Tlatelolco El Centro Cuepopan After School Program youth, Bucu West and Rivision International

3735 Morrison Rd.

39.7082 N
105.0372 W


Jarred De Palo, 1/1 Magazine and Anthony Garcia

3508 Gilpin St. 

39.7659 N
104.9669 W


Keith White "Lemon", YNIG and Jon Bortles

Auraria Higher Education Center - 1224 5th St.

39.7418 N
105.0103 W


Jonathan Lamb, Michael Ortiz, and Like Minded Productions

470 Broadway

39.7237 N
104.9871 W


Jose Mares, Mark Romero and Josiah Lopez

The Cuatro Vientos Four Winds Park

(Alameda Avenue between Lowell and Perry Streets)

39.7110 N
105.0357 W


Museo de las America and Gabriel Salazar, Josiah Lopez and MARZ

861 Santa Fe Dr.

(back of building parking lot area) 

39.7300 N
104.9990 W

PHO-Brown Elementary School Mural-artists Barth Quenzer, Jolt and Ratha Sok.jpg

Barth Quenzer, Jolt and Ratha Sok

Brown Elementary School - 2550 Lowell Blvd.
(one mural with different sections wrapped around school grounds)

39.7536 N
105.0344 W


Barth Quenzer and Jolt

Lake Middle School - 1820 Lowell Blvd.

39.7463 N
105.0328 W

PHO-Winona Ct and Vrain St Mural-artist Diego Rodriguez.jpg

Diego Rodriguez

(Alley Way) Winona Court. & Vrain Street alley
(south side of Colfax Avenue, west facing)

39.4702 N
105.0469 W

PHO-Colfax and Irving Mural-Girls Inc.jpg

Girls Inc. - Colfax Avenue & Irving Street

39.7404 N
105.0302 W

PHO-Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy Mural- 2250 S Quitman Way-artist Jolt.jpg


Kunsmiller Creative Arts Academy - 2250 S. Quitman Way

39.6760 N,
105.0397 W

PHO-Morrison Road Mural-artist Josiah Lopez.jpg

Josiah Lopez

Morrison Road (two blocks west of Alameda Avenue)

39.7089 N
105.0360 W

PHO-Morrison Road Mural-artist BuCu West.jpg

Sandi Calistro, BuCu West

3636 Morrison Rd.

39.7081 N
105.0374 W

PHO-Morrison Road Planters-artists BuCu West.jpg

BuCu West

Mosaic Planters on Morrison Road

39.7041 N
105.0429 W

PHO-14th and Federal Mural-artist Jolt.jpg


Federal Boulevard. & Holden Place
(under RTD light rail bridge)

39.7366 N
105.0250 W

PHO-Athmar Library Mural-artists DPL and YNIG.jpg


Denver Public Library Athmar Branch - 1055 S. Tejon St.
(front facing south wall)

39.6969 N
105.0139 W

PHO-Axum Park Mural-artist YNIG.jpg


Axum Park - 4400 E. Bruce Randolph Ave.

39.7632 N
104.9347 W

PHO-Five Points Mural-artists YNIG and Keith White.jpg


Five Points - 2 murals on Welton St.

39.7541 N
104.9789 W

PHO-Basketball Court Murals-Prodigal Son Initiative.jpg

The Prodigal Son Initiative

Holly Square Mural Project - E. 33rd Avenue & Hudson Street
(murals on asphalt basketball court)

39.7641 N
104.9236 W

PHO-Sustainable Park Trailer Mural-artist Bobby Lopez.jpg

Bobby Lopez

Sustainable Park - 25th Avenue & Lawrence Street
(murals on trailer pods)

39.7565 N
104.9851 W

PHO-40th and York Mural-artists Barth Quenzer and Jolt.jpg

Barth Quenzer and Jolt

E. 40th Avenue. & York Street)
(lined buildings, north side of building)

39.7700 N
104.9553 W

PHO-Redline Mural-artists Ian Rumley and Carlos Fresquez.jpg

Ian Rumley and Carlos Fresquez

Redline - 2350 Arapahoe St.
(west facing wall)

39.7546 N
104.9863 W

PHO-Bella Vista Mural-artist Gamma Acosta.jpg

Gamma Acosta

Bella Vista Restaurant - E. 20th Avenue & Sherman Street

39.7475 N
104.9846 W

PHO-YMCA Outdoor Pool Mural-artist Gerald Hamel.jpg

Gerald Hamel

3540 E. 31st Ave.
(former YMCA outdoor pool)

39.7600 N
104.9456 W

PHO-VSA Mural.jpg

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery

909 Santa Fe Dr.

39.7306 N
104.9987 W

VSA Colorado Access Gallery.jpg

VSA Colorado/Access Gallery

909 Santa Fe Drive

39.7306 N
104.9987 W

PHO-Horace Mann Middleschool Mural-Metro Volunteers.jpg

Metro Volunteers at Trevista

Horace Mann Elementary School - 4130 Navajo Street
(south retaining wall)

39.7732 N
105.0032 W

PHO-St Charles Rec Center Mural-artist YNIG.jpg


St. Charles Recreation Center - 3777 Lafayette St.
(three murals: one community fence, two wall paintings)

39.7603 N
104.9706 W

PHO-GrowHaus Mural.jpg

The GrowHaus

4751 York St.

39.7825 N
104.9601 W

PHO-13th and Osage Mural-artists Johnny Santos and GRASP.jpg

Johnny Santos/GRASP

13th Avenue & Osage Street

39.7364 N
105.0056 W

PHO-Birdseed Collective Interior Mural-artist Anthony Garcia.jpg

Anthony Garcia/Birdseed Collective

186 E. 45th Ave.

39.7782 N
104.9852 W

PHO-4th and Galapago Mural-artist Bimmer Torres.jpg

Bimmer Torres

4th Avenue & Galapago Street

39.7225 N
104.9963 W

PHO-Senor Burritos Mural-artist Bimmer Torres.jpg

Bimmer Torres

Señor Burritos Restaurant - 12 E. 1st Ave.

39.7182 N
104.9869 W


Diego Rodriguez

10th Avenue & Osage Street
(under Colfax Viaduct near Auraria parking lot)

39.7399 N
105.0064 W

PHO-Colorado Crush Mural Larimer Street-artist Robin Monroe.jpg

Robin Munroe/Colorado Crush

Larimer Street
(parking lot between 26th St. & 27th St.)

39.7592 N
104.9849 W

PHO-6th and Santa Fe Mural-artist YNIG.jpg


6th Avenue & Santa Fe Drive

39.7257 N
104.9981 W

Patrick Maxcy Ruby Hill Park_1501 W. Jewell Ave.jpg

Patrick Maxcy

Ruby Hill Park
1501 W. Jewell Ave.

39.6822 N
105.0052 W

Lewis Neeff, Adam Gordon The Temple_2400 Curtis St.jpg

Lewis Neeff, Adam Gordon

The Temple
2400 Curtis St.

39.6822 N
105.0052 W

  Anthony Garcia (Birdseed Collective), Thomas Evans 1000 Knox St.jpg

Anthony Garcia (Birdseed Collective), Thomas Evans

1000 Knox St.

39.7331 N
105.0318 W


Yulia Avgustinovich Alameda Ave. at Kalamath St. (South facing retaining wall).jpg

Yulia Avgustinovich

Alameda Ave. at Kalamath St.
(South facing retaining wall)

39.7110 N
104.9983 W

Frank Locantore, Colfax Business Improvement District Colfax Corridor (616 E. Colfax Ave_2340 E. Colfax Ave.).jpg

Frank Locantore

Colfax Business Improvement District
Colfax Corridor (616 E. Colfax Ave. -.2340 E. Colfax Ave.)

39.7393 N
104.9790 W -
39.7393 N
104.9591 W

  Chad Bolsinger Family Dollar_6231 E. Colfax Ave.jpg

Chad Bolsinger

Family Dollar
6231 E. Colfax Ave

39.7402 N
104.9154 W

Cherry Creek Trail - Two Murals- Speer Blvd at Lincoln Blvd. and Broadway.jpg

Alexandre Orion, Assistants: Andural Widmark, Patrick McGregor

Cherry Creek Trail
Two Murals: Speer Blvd at Lincoln Blvd. and Broadway

39.7265 N
104.9861 W

  Communication Infrastructure Group (CIG), Kendall Peterson & Yiannis Bellis +24 artists I-70 Viaduct at E. 46th Ave. and York St.jpg

Communication Infrastructure Group (CIG), Kendall Peterson & Yiannis Bellis +24 artists

I-70 Viaduct at E. 46th Ave. and York St.

39.7803 N
104.9589 W

  Blaine Fontana Cherry Creek Trail - Speer Blvd. at Arapahoe St.jpg

Blaine Fontana

Cherry Creek Trail
Speer Blvd. at Arapahoe St.

39.7440 N
105.0005 W

Lisa Michot Bear Creek Park.jpg

Lisa Michot

Bear Creek Park

39.6475 N
105.1681 W


Oliver Vernon Cherry Creek Trail_Colfax Ave. at Speer Blvd.jpg

Oliver Vernon

Cherry Creek Trail
Colfax Ave. at Speer Blvd.

39.7454 N
105.0000 W


Chelsea Romaniello, Artists from Arts Street 979 Lipan St.jpg

Chelsea Romaniello, Artists from Arts Street

979 Lipan St.

39.7319 N
105.0019 W