IMAGINE 2020 Events and Programs


In 2014, Arts & Venues hosted five IMAGINE 2020 Speaker Series and Interactive Workshops inspired by the seven vision elements in the cultural plan. The goal of the series is to continue the conversations catalyzed during the cultural planning process, provide tools for implementation, and offer a forum for advancing the goals detailed in the plan.

11/13/17 Speaker Series: Audience Development: Changing Patterns of Audience Behaviors and Expectations
Experts from LaPlaca Cohen and Corona Insights discuss the most recent national and local data on audience behaviors and cultural participation.

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LaPlaca Cohen Culture Track '17
Corona Insights Corona Insights IMAGINE 2020 Public Survey 2017



The second Monday of most months, Denver City Council celebrates and aids the implementation of IMAGINE 2020, Denver’s cultural plan, by featuring a poet, musician or performer at the beginning of the council meeting.

Built on seven vision elements, IMAGINE 2020 sets forward several strategic goals including integrating arts into daily life, making the arts more accessible and ensuring that Denver creatives thrive. We encourage all of Denver to do its part to implement IMAGINE 2020.