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Art Shop Day Marketplace

2020 has been a difficult year for artists. As events are canceled, galleries are closed or facing limited hours of operation, and businesses across the gamut are facing economic stress, we want to give Denver’s artistic community a chance to showcase their talents.

Below you will find many ways to support your artistic community by purchasing art, lessons, music, event tickets and more. Consider making a purchase from a local artist through our Art Shop Day Marketplace or finding another artist in your community next time you are looking for a gift or a treat for yourself.

Thank you for supporting your creative community!

Artists! Want to get involved in Art Shop Day? Please check out our guidelines, FAQs and call for participation.

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Arts & Venues is committed to promoting equity and inclusion, and supporting historically under-resourced communities. As part of that dedication, we would like to highlight artists who represent the following communities: 
B - Black/African American
I - Indigenous/American Indian/Alaskan Native
- Pacific Islander/Native Hawaiian
L - Latino/Hispanic
A - Asian
V - Veteran
D - Artist with a disability
W - Women-owned

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Annettes Whimsical Elf

Whimsical creations of repurposed fiber, jewelry, wood and unique materials. Wearable fiber art created with found yarns and jewelry from local thrift shop supporting developmentally and physically disabled. Repurposed into unique, colorful works of art in the form of scarves and scarflets. Providing empowerment, healing and expression through art for women and youth. Empowering lives for successful outcomes by utilizing creative resources. Specializing in trauma, abuse and PTSD. Available online, on Facebook and Pinterest.

D, W

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Something Underground

Denver-based Something Underground pairs tight harmonies with a blend of rock, reggae and funk, and maybe a little Sanskrit. Their continuous dedication to giving back to the community is evident in their longtime support of charitable projects, from supporting children with disabilities to raising awareness of landmine victims on an international scale to raising money for cancer treatment. To Something Underground, love is not just a musical message; it is a way of life. Available online, on Spotify and iTunes, and on Facebook and YouTube

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Art Photographica

Artwork infused or printed on various substrates, and embellished with beeswax, paint, dyes, etc. Many artworks include salvaged and re-purposed materials. Available online, for pickup and delivery, on Facebook and Instagram. Currently open and adhering to "Safer at Home" guidelines.

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Courtney_cotton_studio_shot_2019 300.jpg

Courtney Cotton   a  r  t  i  s  t

Courtney Cotton’s conceptual painting is meant to bring awareness to mental wellness and emotional intelligence by using visual metaphors and color to embody concepts such as transformation and possibility. Cotton recently moved from a five year stint at Artuvus Studios to a new space in Englewood that hosts a small gallery and studio spaces (3940 S. Broadway). She welcomes collaborations and studio visits, and teaches classes as well. Available online, for pickup and delivery, on Facebook and Instagram. Currently open and adhering to "Safer at Home" guidelines. Cotton's most recent exhibition at the Littleton Museum with artist Gabrielle Graves is still available online.


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