Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Event Resources

Denver Arts & Venues hosts Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) events throughout the year. Please continue to check back here for newly added resources and to watch previously recorded sessions.

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How to Be an Anti-Racist Organization Event Series

Virtual event series hosted by Tariana Navas-Nieves – Director, Cultural Affairs, Denver Arts & Venues, and Nita Mosby-Tyler – Chief Catalyst, The Equity Project LLC. Each month they will facilitate conversation around the necessary work organizations must commit to in order to be anti-racist. 


How to Be an Anti-Racist Organization No.1 - 8/3/20

Recorded on 8/3/20. Watch the full session on vimeo - vimeo.com/445409394

How to Be an Anti-Racist Organization No.2 - 9/14/20

Recorded on 9/14/20. Watch the full session on vimeo - vimeo.com/459021477

Other EDI Events

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion 101

Recorded on 10/11/19. Watch the full session on vimeo - vimeo.com/370367348

"Denver Talks" - Jennifer Harvey, PH.D. - Raising White Kids: An Anti-Racism Conversation for all

Recorded on 4/16/18. Watch the full event on youtube.com.

Denver Arts & Venues, in partnership with the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships and the Office of the Mayor, hosted Denver Talks: an in-depth discussion with author and educator Jennifer Harvey. Harvey, a professor at Drake University, is a writer, educator and public speaker. Her work focuses on the encounter between religion and ethics, race, gender, activism, politics and spirituality in the U.S. Her greatest passions are racial justice and white anti-racism.

Web Accessibility 101 (Part 1)

Recorded on 7/28/20  Watch the full session on vimeo - vimeo.com/442744848

Keeping Your Website Accessible (Part 2)

Recorded on 8/4/20. Watch the full session on vimeo - vimeo.com/445080862