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Create Denver strengthens the overall health and vitality of Denver by supporting the growth and development of the creative sector, including artists and enterprises such as film, music, fine art, galleries, art districts, fashion and design.
Denver’s creative sector consists of more than 2,900 creative enterprises and employs approximately 20,398 people in the City of Denver.  The sector includes eight arts districts, more than 120 galleries and 160 performance venues, and approximately 180 film-related businesses. Whether a not-for-profit theatre company, band, production company or independent artist, creative enterprises contribute greatly to Denver’s quality of life and economy by offering unique experiences to residents and tourists, improving communities, providing jobs, and attracting a talented workforce.


"Creative industries are becoming increasingly important components of modern post-industrial knowledge-based economies. Not only are they thought to account for higher than average growth and job creation, they are also vehicles of cultural identity that play an important role in fostering cultural diversity."  - Understanding Creative Industries: Cultural statistics for public-policy making, UNESCO.

For more information about the Create Denver initiative and programs, please contact Program Administrator, Lisa Gedgaudas: [email protected]