2018 P.S. You Are Here Grant Recipients

Denver Arts & Venues is pleased to announce that in its fifth year, PSYAH provided $57,500 in funding to the following grantees:

Sloan's Lake Site 755x435.JPG

Sloan’s Lake Citizen’s Group

Project: "Sloan's Lake Fencing Project"

Sites: Sloan's Lake

Grant: $10,000

Description: Working with Ladies Fancywork Society, Sloan’s Lake Citizen’s Group will create yarn artwork for an unsightly fence surrounding a maintenance yard adjacent to an active sports court, seating area and pedestrian pathway around Sloan's Lake. 

Westwood Example.jpg

The Art Garage

Project: "Westwood Arts Hub"

Sites: Westwood

Grant: $7,500

Description: The Westwood Arts District "hub" will be an artistically designed structure serving as a resource for local arts and culture information, showcasing curated themes and decorated with symbols and motifs from Latino culture. Sidewalk “paths” with stenciled symbols will lead to several local murals. 

Path of Vibrancy Site 755x1005.JPG

Birdseed Collective

Project: "Path of Vibrancy"

Sites: Lakewood Gulch, Villa Park

Grant: $10,000

Description: Birdseed Collective, with several artists and Villa Park RNO volunteers, will complete artwork along the long retaining wall of the Lakewood Gulch walking path from 10th Avenue and Osceola Street westward into the Villa Park community. Currently graffiti-filled, this highly-used path will be painted with vibrant designs and colors. Small hand-painted boulders will be placed along the path to create a safer and more colorful walkway for residents.

Home Sweet Montbello Sketch.jpg

Montbello 2020

Project: "Home Sweet Montbello"

Sites: Montbello

Grant: $10,000

Description: Local artist Thomas Evans has designed a color-blended public art mural that will revitalize a major drainage canal with an impactful message. "Seize the Day" will greet residents on their commute out of Montbello, and "Home Sweet Montbello" will welcome them back.

New Freedom Park Site 755x435.JPG

Trust for Public Land

Project: "CREATE New Freedom Project"

Sites: New Freedom Park, Montclair

Grant: $10,000

Description: Trust for Public Land will work with the East Denver community to enhance New Freedom Park, adding distinct and culturally relevant features with youth-led mural creation.

GTCD-Logo 755x293.png

Golden Triangle Creative District

Project: "Creative Gateways"

Sites: Golden Triangle

Grant: $10,000

Description: The Golden Triangle Creative District will create a series of artworks in the Golden Triangle assisting visitors with wayfinding and marking gateway entry and exit points. Using the 2014 Neighborhood Plan to locate sites, the Golden Triangle Creative District will work with local artists for these temporary artworks.